Appearance Anxiety Questionnaire

Elevate patient care with the AAQ, a transformative psychological assessment tool for aesthetic clinics; enhance your practice by subscribing today.


We charge £25 per month or £250 per year for the first clinic registered (each clinic address requires its own subscription).

Each clinic registered on the same account after that is charged at £20 per month or £200 per year.

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GBP250.00 / Annual

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GBP25.00 / Month

  • Unlimited use of the AAQ
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Why Subscribe?

Subscribing to the Appearance Anxiety Questionnaire (AAQ) offers clinicians a crucial edge in aesthetic treatment. This innovative tool not only delves into patients’ aesthetic motivations but also identifies any mental health components influencing their treatment decisions. With the AAQ, you can ensure a more holistic approach to patient care, enhancing both treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. This subscription is an invaluable asset for any clinic aiming to provide comprehensive, empathetic care.